Software République

Offer best-in-class training programs in cybersecurity, data, and software

Mobility is more and more connected, and cybersecurity is key

  • Demand for cyber expertise is drastically increasing
  • There is a real shortage of qualified employees
  • There is a need to convince engineers to specialize in critical fields

Our Goals

Groupe de citoyens

Develop a cross-company training offer

  • Offer more than 20 complementary modules: acculturation, upskilling, and reskilling programs
  • Support the need to train ~40 000 employees by 2025 across the 6 founding partners

Attract young qualified talents

  • Develop apprenticeship programs with renowned schools
  • Create and animate Software République network of talents

Extend the Scope

  • Increase the number of students
  • Expand geographically: Italy, Spain
  • Enlarge the training scope: Data, Software
  • Open to new partners: academics, research institutes,…

Software République academy brings together the best of partners expertise to offer best-in-class training programs in cybersecurity with the ambition to develop future programs around data and software

Focus on
Apprenticeship Program


Software République Academy is offering a one-year or two-year apprenticeship program in Cybersecurity in partnership with two renowned schools:

  • Ecole 2600 which is specialized in cybersecurity training that delivers an RNCP* title Level 7 (BAC+5).
  • EFREI which is a school that delivers an engineering degree


Solid Professional Experience


  • Be both at school and at work within a leading tech company (Atos, Dassault Systèmes, Orange, Renault Group, STMicroelectronics, Thales) with an opportunity to get a permanent contract
  • Discover a large number of potential career paths
  • Build an extended network

Discover the Key Role of Cybersecurity

  • Work on a topic at the cutting edge of technology and develop employability
  • Interact with our international business and technical experts

    Last but not least
  • Benefit from tuition fees paid by the company and a paid salary

(*): RNCP : Répertoire  National des Certifications Professionnelles