Improving the electric vehicle customer experience, with added value services and an open gateway to the energy chain

Today ’s EV driver experience is challenging.

  • Where to charge my car?
  • Is there a charging station available nearby? Does it work?
  • Is the charging system compatible with my car?
  • Does the station offer additional services while waiting for my car to be charged?

Our goals

Improve EV driver experience

  • Create a newcompetitive and modular energy station at home and at work (for 90% of charges)
  • Provide additional services: Plug & charge, auto-billiion, …

Open the gateway to energy

  • Develop smart charging for a more efficient energy management
  • Expand to newsolutions: Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G), Vehicle to Home (V2H), Vehicle-to-Load (V2L)

Create a new EV community

  • Develop interoperability between users, cars and charging stations
  • Make EV charging easier thanks to booking services and bringing together communities