U1st Vision

Mobile Services for you, closer to you

A new era of mobile services

The “U1st” demonstrator is made up of 2 parts: a multi-service self-contained module (“pop-up”), delivered on an electric light commercial vehicle platform (FlexEVan), which brings together innovative technologies from the 7 members of the Software République and its 3 partners on this concept. 

Multiple services such as healthcare, civil self-service support, bike repair and electrical goods recycling services could be offered to citizens via these self-contained modular units (“pop-ups”) requested by local authorities. As part of its “U1st Vision”, the Software République also includes a comprehensive planning, monitoring and services management tool for public actors and private service providers. 

Medical Data streams


Existing health conditions require regular follow-ups, avoiding aggravation and anticipating complications. 

By decentralising access to specialist services, offering “on the spot” test and analysis, reassuring human contact along with remote consultations makes these check-ups easier and less stress full to the citizen. 

U1st vision health pop uses the latest innovative technology to allow close to 85% of medical tests to be completed in situ.  Advanced AI analysis and interconnectivity enables the rapid presentation of results, allowing doctors and specialists to make medically precise and efficient diagnosis.  

Keeping the experience humanised is central to the U1st experience.  Tests are completed by a human medical technician, taking advantage of the latest medical innovations on the market, a quality medical report is generated with the aid of an AI assisted Virtual Assistant.  Through the latest 3D enable remote consultation, the citizen can see and talk to their practitioner almost as it they were there.  Being digitally connected or not, diagnosis and treatment solutions are provided in a humanised way, offering continuous health support right close as possible to the citizen’s home.  Going for a checkup or having a medical appointment has never been easier.  Improving quality of life, reducing time and stress, easing medical resources and bringing them to areas that would otherwise not be able to offer such services. 


The prevention experience illustrates use cases where potential health issues can be anticipated, so avoiding more serious complications later in life.

Being closer to the User so more practical and time saving, it helps encourage citizens to attend pre-checks, to participate in optional innovative medical trials, being reassured in having the latest medical care offered by a human operator.

The Health-Pop is connected, offering a continuous monitoring solution.  Connecting to your personal health space, integrating, and using data than can be securely collected from the latest smart devices: watches, phones and increasingly compact and easy to use portable health devices. 

The advanced secure data management tool enables authorities to anticipate where and when to deploy the health pop, so reducing stress on health services before they arrive. For the citizens health services and advice are bought to them, encouraging healthier life choices all conveniently available on their doorstep


This advanced solution enhances public service provision setting and visualization, fosters a deeper understanding of the impact of city planning initiatives, and secures support from all relevant stakeholders, both within and outside the territories.

It is a fully scalable solution that incorporates data, tools, and services. For example, it integrates the “health pop-up” concept to assist authorities in making key decisions optimizing the daily lives of citizens. It can also be used to support the planning, monitoring and management of new mobility policy consequences on traffic, air quality and noise or to view the impact of city planning on heat islands as an example.

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These videos are for illustration purposes only, based on a mobility concept rendered in 3D real time or simulated environments.  These are intended to represent potential use cases based around innovations belonging to the Software Republique and their partners