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Our goal is to support startups and entrepreneurs to create new business with Software République by opening doors to our resources and providing a tailor-made program

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Tailor-made coaching
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Incubated startups

Compredict is a German start-up that provides AI-enabled virtual sensors. This technology can replace and simulate existing hardware sensors in vehicles and enhance available vehicle data. The insights produced by virtual sensors enable predictive maintenance and new service opportunities for vehicle OEMs.

CORE for Tech enhances drivers’ safety by delivering predictive fatigue and drowsiness intelligence. Its solution not only predicts drowsiness but does this in connection with the journey to be travelled.

AI for Urban Mobility

Entropy supports territories in optimizing shared mobility services. Its Artificial Intelligence model predicts the mobility needs of the population of today and tomorrow. It promotes a transport offer that is as close as possible to the needs of users in order to meet our societal and environmental challenges.

Neovya accelerates the transition to a smoother, safer and more sustainable mobility system by providing expert mapping, data analysis and simulation software solutions. Its flagship solution is Neovya Hubsim, a collaborative web platform that allows territorial actors to understand the issues, test projects endlessly and make informed decisions.