Barcelona, 26th February 2024

  • The Software République presents the intelligent mobility of the future with its “H1st vision – Human First vision” concept car at the Mobile World Congress 2024
  • The Software Réplique H1st vision integrates more than 20 human-centered innovations from 12 companies into an open innovation model.
  • This unique concept, combining the car and its virtual twin, offers new and optimized experiences to take care of drivers, passengers and road users.
  • Visit the GSMA stand (4F32) at MWC, February 26-29 in Barcelona, to discover the H1st vision, it’s innovations and more…

A 3D virtuel experience

The Software République, an open innovation ecosystem for intelligent, secure and sustainable mobility, founded by Dassault Systèmes, Eviden (an Atos business), Orange, Renault Group, STMicroelectronics, and Thales, is presenting its collaborative concept car at the MWC 2024 show. Innovation that places humans at the heart of smarter and safer mobility. Its name: H1st vision (“Human First vision”).

“Much more than a concept car, H1st vision is a mobility concept which combines a vehicle containing 20 real and operational innovations, and its virtual twin in a virtual universe allowing you to imagine the mobility experience of tomorrow! » explains Eric Feunteun, COO of the Software République.

This functional “technology demonstrator” offers:

  • a secure and innovative access to the vehicle using biometrics;
  • a unique in cockpit sound experience
  • optimized battery life and charging, thanks in part to the recently launched Mobilize PowerBox
  • monitoring and assistance of the state of health of the driver and vehicle ;
  • protection of occupants and other road users thanks to predictive alerts.

Physical and operational, the concept car doubles as a virtual twin experience which evolves, communicates and interacts continuously in and with a universe and systems that are today independent (infrastructure, energy, public services, users of different categories, etc. .). This approach makes it possible to model, visualize and simulate the different uses and potential interactions in the real world  for an improved and optimized mobility experience.

Developed by a team of 100 people in a record time of six months, being real, functional and also virtual, the Software République demonstrated with Human First vision the relevance of the open innovation model for incubating real innovative industrial projects that will help to make Europe a central hub for the mobility of the future.

For more information on the H1st vision : https://softwarerepublique.eu/h1st-vision-2/

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26 February, 2024