Bring Your Own Device 2022 Winner

SWR BYOD 2022 Winner is
SWR BYOD 2022 Winner is

Software République’s project “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD) results are in!

The winner is BASEMARK : developer of Rocksolid Core, the world’s first automotive end-to-end Operating System, enabling new functionalities such as Augmented Reality, Look & Ask, Cockpit Monitoring…

As the winner, BASEMARK now joins the unique Software République tailormade incubator programme in order to accelerate its development

2nd place goes to Visual Behavior
3rd place goes to NEXYAD (We Save Lives)

With a special mention going to YoGoKo

Congratulations and well done to the many startups that took part!

And this is just a beginning.  Thanks to this “Call For Projects” future customers can expect to see new and innovative BYOD use cases on their smart devices developed in record time thanks to Software République!

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)…
what is it?

Partners of Software République wished to improve the driver and passenger experience by proposing new device features. The aim is to offer solutions which are adapted to daily mobility, focusing on 4 main pillars:  





The questions posed were:

  • How can we get the most from the device, may it be a smartphone, tablet, or something we hadn’t previously thought of?
  • Using the data gathered on the device (GPS, cameras etc.), the applications (personal assistant, navigation app. Etc) and / or the features (bluetooth etc.), what is the service that we have to offer?

What is the reward?

The selected Startups get to join the République! As well as this, they will start working on their project with the partners of Software République. They are invited to join the free & tailor-made incubator program designed to speed up the Startup efficiently.


4 phases in the call for projects:


30 May

end of applications


7 June

we deliver the results and selection of finalists by email


7 June – End of June

‘Show your skills period’ > we will set up meetings with you in order to allow you to show your skills through a demo of your existing product, a short prototype of your BYOD concept and a pitch of your ideas


End of June / early July

final result after a Jury meeting